Unify your collections from all payment methods

Unified Account's payment methods make it easy to accept payments by credit card, bank transfer, SEPA direct debit and more.

moyen de paiement : femme qui tient son porte-feuille et une carte bancaire dans ses mains
sélection des 4 moyens de paiement CentralPay : carte bancaire, virement, prélèvement et e-wallets
écran de téléphone montrant le formulaire de paiement par carte bancaire ou Apple Pay

Credit cards

Optimized conversion of credit card transactions

Easily collect payments from all credit cards: CB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more.

Offer payment facilities such as one-click, Apple Pay or Google Pay

Initiate recurring payments using our subscription, installment, or credit card imprint services.

Accept payments from all major currencies: Euros (EUR), Dollars (USD), Swiss Francs (CHF) or Pounds (GBP).

écran de téléphone montrant le formumlaire de paiement par virement SCT (SEPA Credit Transfer)

Bank transfer

Automatic reconciliation of bank transfers with virtual IBAN

Benefit from a French IBAN to receive your bank transfers with ease.

Benefit from more frequent updates of incoming SEPA credit transfers, thanks to several daily account updates

Display a different Virtual IBAN for each of your customers or invoices, so that the issuer or payment request is automatically matched to the bank transfer.

écran de téléphone montrant la signature du mandat SEPA pour un paiement par prélèvement

SEPA Direct Debit

Digitalized SEPA direct debit payment journey

Digitalize the process of collecting customer data, creating and signing the SEPA mandate

Save SEPA mandates securely and reuse them for future customer payments

Benefit from more frequent payment status updates, and automate retries in the event of failed direct debits

écran de téléphone récapitulant les informations de virement avant la validation du client

Pay by bank

Control customer bank transfers with payment initiation

Integrate and control the SEPA credit transfer customer process

Receive funds or transfer notification instantly

Automate the transfer reconciliation to the invoice or payment request, without any risk of human error

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about Unified Account payment methods

There are several factors to consider when choosing your payment methods:

  • Activity: the average value of your transactions, the desired sales journey and the habits of your targeted customers.
  • Location : depending on the country you're targeting, make sure you offer payment methods adapted to local customs and currencies.
  • Costs: all payment methods have different costs, depending on the risks and external fees associated to their use.

In general :

By working with a single Payment Service Provider, you can simplify your day-to-day management considerably, since all the funds collected from your various payment methods are unified in a single payment account. All information is grouped together in a single interface, giving you global visibility of your transactions and helping you manage your business: transfer funds, generate and export reports...

You also benefit from the flexibility and scalability of your PSP's solutions, so you can integrate new payment methods quickly, all at once. In addition, if you need technical assistance, you only have to contact one intermediary. Time and energy saved.

Finally, you offer your customers a seamless payment experience, whether they choose to pay by credit card, bank transfer, SEPA direct debit or other payment methods.