Optimize your customers' credit card payment experience

CentralPay credit card payment enables you to collect payments from any card, simplify the customer payment experience and accept multiple currencies.

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Multiple card schemes accepted

Cartes bancaires

Fully address the French market and optimize your costs by making payments from the largest French card scheme.


Accept Visa payment cards, one of the world’s most widely used card scheme.


Accept Mastercard payment cards, one of the world’s largest card scheme, used by millions of cardholders.

American Express

Accept payment by American Express cards, one of the world’s most widely used international payment method.

From major currencies







Swiss Francs


Payment type

Credit card payment types suited to your business

By subscription

Set up a payment plan for subscription payments.


Initiate installment payments: split payments or deposit with balance deferred debit.

Secure card imprint

Check the validity and type of your customers' card before registering their credit card imprint for a deferred debit.


Make sure of your customers' solvency, and block funds for up to 30 days before debiting them partially or completely.

Innovative credit card payment facilities

By Apple Pay & Google Pay

Boost the conversion rate of your customers using smartphones by making their checkout experience much easier.

In 1 click

Simplify transactions for regular customers by registering their payment cards.


Optimize conversion of high-value carts by enabling payment from multiple cards.

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Smart Collection

A hosted payment page to optimize your online checkout and automate your payment collection process, without any technical effort.
To optimize the customer's payment experience.

Customer journey

All credit card payment types and facilities easily integrated

Develop your own payment form and debit your customers' credit cards from the CentralPay API, or use the Smart Collection module to benefit from a hosted payment page that can be integrated without any technical effort.

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about CentralPay credit card payment

CentralPay enables you to accept remote payments by major credit card schemes (Cartes Bancaires, Visa, Mastercard, American Express...) and major currencies.

Card fees, known as Interchange++, include all commissions deducted from the merchant's CB payment transactions:

  • Interchange fee, charged by the cardholder's bank.
  • Card Scheme Fees, invoiced by the card schemes (CB, Visa, Mastercard, etc.).
  • Service fees, invoiced by CentralPay to operate the platform and associated services. These fees vary according to collection volumes and payment options chosen.

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Yes. This payment method is particularly suitable for recurring payments:

  • By subscription, for companies with a recurrent billing model: daily, weekly, monthly, annual…
  • Installment, for merchants willing to allow their customers to pay in installments, while automating the debt collection process.

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There are several advantages to credit card payment:

  • Speed: When you pay by credit card, the capture is carried out instantly, guaranteeing that your account will be funded within 24 hours.
  • Accessibility: Widely used worldwide, credit cards are particularly suitable for transactions under €2,000.
  • Bank-assured solvency: If the cardholder does not have enough funds, your account will still be credited with the amount of the transaction.
  • Low dispute rates: The strong authentication protocol minimizes the risk of customer disputes and the chargeback costs associated.

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  • Diversified payment facilities: The credit card offers customers a wide range of payment features (Apple and Google Pay, multi-card, 1-click…).
  • Quick and easy integration: Whether hosted or integrated, a credit card payment form is relatively easy to integrate into your site.

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There are 3 types of operation:

  • Bank authorization: Inquiry with the cardholder's bank to verify the availability of funds. A valid authorization allows the merchant to capture the requested amount for up to 7 days.
  • Capture: Card debit based on authorization or pre-authorization. The funds are insured, but the actual debit takes place during interbank clearing.
  • Debit: Movement of funds from the cardholder's bank to the merchant's account. Usually executed after a validated authorization, but can be deferred for specific payments or variable amounts.

The 3DS protocol secures and validates the cardholder's identity, limiting the risk of card disputes. Nevertheless, other incidents may prompt a customer to contest a transaction: failure to provide service, lack of consent, non-compliant service, etc.

When a dispute occurs, CentralPay is notified of the disputed payment and will inform you as well. You then have 20 calendar days to send proof of delivery/consent/quality of the service. A judgment is then issued to determine the dispute outcome:

  • Win: You've won your case, the chargeback has been rejected. The funds will be refunded to you.
  • Lost: You have been unsuccessful, the chargeback remains. The funds cannot be refunded.