Automate customer relations and more, with payment notifications

Payment notification automates cash receipt monitoring, customer reminders and third-party software updates.

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How it works

Automated payment notifications

Notify your customers and alert your staff automatically when certain events occur in your CentralPay account: receipt of a transfer, customer dispute, failed settlement, etc.
You can control the content of each notification using customized templates, and define the delivery method (email, SMS or Json). You can automate cash receipts, customer notifications and even update your information system.


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Customer notifications

Inform your customers when an event concerning them occurs on your account: issue of a refund, forthcoming expiry of their bank card, failure to collect an instalment…

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User alerts

Automatically alert your staff when a customer transfer arrives on your account, when you receive a dispute to process, or when a customer payment request expires.

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Software updates

Transfer the status of all transactions from your CentralPay account to your information systems or management software to keep them up to date in real time.

Frequently asked questions

All about CentralPay payment notifications

CentralPay offers 3 types of notifications:

  • Customer notifications (confirmation or failure of payment, reminders...)
  • User alerts (new collection, card dispute, refund, etc.)
  • Software updates (interface evolution, new functions, etc.)

Here are a few examples of how CentralPay payment notifications can be used:

  • Automatic notification to customers when their credit card expires, if they are involved in a subscription or recurring payment scheme
  • Automatic customer notification when a SEPA transfer is received
  • Email notification to sales team when a customer payment is received
  • Email notification to accounting team when a customer refund is initiated
  • Json notification to ERP when a payment request is settled, enabling the associated invoice to be closed

The CentralPay notification solution offers several advantages:

  • Daily collection monitoring: Be automatically informed of every event observed on your CentralPay account.
  • Scheduled communication: Customize your templates and program automatic notification scenarios
  • Reduce costs: Eliminate manual processing for your teams, freeing up their time for strategic, value-added tasks.
  • Optimized customer experience: Streamline your customers' payment experience, notifying them instantly (confirmation, failure, reminders, etc.).

Whether you use CentralPay services via API or the BackOffice, all you have to do is go to the dedicated Configuration section, define the type of alerts you want (hooks, notifications, etc.), customize your templates and define your automatic scenarios.