Improve your customer identification
by linking
POS payments

Unified Account's in-store payment solution automatically identifies your customers by card, across all your sales channels.

paiement en magasin : paiement physique à partir d'une carte e-wallet sur un téléphone
paiement en magasin : vue globale de fiche client - reconnaissance de carte et dates de paiement
paiement en magasin : Liaison entre TPE physique et en ligne, pour unifier les transactions

POS payments

Unify POS payments on CentralPay

Link your existing electronic payment terminals (EPTs) to your CentralPay account to unify your in-store and online transactions.
We tele-parameterize your terminals so that they transmit their data directly to your account. You'll benefit from simplified accounting processing and see all your company's operations at a glance.

schéma des 4 canaux de paiement possibles : lien, en magasin, email/sms et site web

Customer knowledge

Omnichannel customer identification, thanks to POS payment

By linking your electronic payment terminals (EPTs) to your account, every in-store transaction is automatically associated with an omnichannel customer profile. Frequent customers are identified by their credit card, whether they pay via the website, remotely or in-store.
This cross-sectional view of your customers' consumption habits enables you to establish loyalty strategies that are more relevant than ever.

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Learn all about CentralPay POS payment

By identifying your customers based on the transactions they carry out, you can collect, store and historicize a wealth of data, which can be used to :

  • Optimize your omnichannel customer knowledge, a vector for strategic and operational decision-making
  • Track customer journeys, identify trends and behaviors, analyze engagement and loyalty levels
  • Improve customer service, by providing consistent support based on the customer's history

With CentralPay, you link your customers' loyalty account to their payment method, so they automatically earn rewards with every transaction they make. The CentralPay electronic money account allows you to integrate the concepts of your program and to be funded accordingly for each transaction, whether in-store or online (gift points, cashback, etc.).