Hold third party funds in an escrow account

Easy Wallet's escrow account allows platforms to hold funds on behalf of their merchants before automatically paying them.

schéma du fonctionnement des flux entre le wallet de cantonnement et les wallets de paiement
capture d'écran du BackOffice utilisateur CentralPay : informations générale du compte marchand


All your payments in a unified escrow account

Benefit from all Unified Account’s payment services from your escrow account:

Payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, SDD direct debit, and payment initiation service
Payment types: unitary, subscription, installment, credit card imprint or pre-authorization
Payment facilities: Apple Pay, Google Pay, one click and multi-cards
Major currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF
schéma du fonctionnement des flux entre le client, le wallet de cantonnement et wallets de paiement


Hold funds in an escrow account

Keep the funds intended to your merchants in your escrow account:

Become the trusted third party between your customers and participating merchants: hold funds as collateral and release them once the service has been delivered.
Keep your merchants informed of the status of their operations: your participants have a backoffice from which they can view their operations, the dates of fund availability and their monthly reporting.
schéma du fonctionnement des reversements entre le wallet de cantonnement et wallets de paiement


Funds transfers to third-party accounts

Control funds transfers between your escrow account and your merchants’ wallets:

Credit or debit your participants' wallets

Free instant transfers between wallets

Ensure a high level of compliance and traceability of operations

Your participants can have either a payment account or an e-money account.

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about CentralPay escrow account

Intended for platforms carrying out third party payments (marketplaces, financial platforms, merchant networks, etc.), it enables you to collect and store your users' funds, then initiate transfers to third-party payment wallets.

None. These two accounts functions are identical. They are used to hold third party funds in an independent account. Traditionally, the term “escrow” is mainly used by banks, and “trust” by real estates.

Two types of flows are involved in the use of a CentralPay escrow account:

  • In pay-in, the escrow account accepts funds from all sales channels (online, in-store, email and SMS) and payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, SDD direct debit and payment initiation).
  • In pay-out, the CentralPay escrow account enables you to program funds transfers to third party wallets or your own if you have to collect service fees.

Collection, escrow, and transfer of third-party funds are strictly supervised by ACPR regulations (Banque de France). The escrow account agreement must contain several items of information, including:

  • Account purpose
  • Account characteristics (identification of natural or legal persons using the account, etc.)
  • Operating procedures (clear definition of operations, costs charged, etc.)