Control merchant transfers with the payment account

Easy Wallet's payment account enables merchants to receive funds collected on their behalf by the platform.

vue globale du wallet de paiement d'un marchand avec solde, dernières opérations et total des ventes
schéma du fonctionnement des reversements entre le wallet de cantonnement et wallets de paiement

Use case

A payment account for all platforms types

Process transactions on behalf of your merchants and credit the payment accounts opened in their name:

All types of merchants accepted: individuals, entrepreneurs, companies…
Suitable for all industries: sale of goods or services, crowdfunding, financial services…
Instant transfers: debit or credit your merchants' payment accounts free of charge and in real time
procédure KYC KYB : vérification de l'identité avec pièce d'identité et reconnaissance faciale


Simplified account creation process

Collect the necessary documents and help your merchants set up their payment accounts:

Simple KYC: Cardholder ID, Bank details
Simple KYB: Executive ID, Ultimate Beneficial Owner Declaration, Certificate of incorporation, Bank details
Onboarding portal: turnkey KYB and KYC collection journey
Connection to courts administration service : automatic certificate of incorporation and beneficial owner recovery
Identity check: automation of the KYC verification step
vue globale du wallet de paiement d'un marchand avec solde, dernières opérations et total des ventes


Optimized financial risk management

Control your financial risk in the event of customer disputes or fraud:

Funds availability date: your merchants see the transfer transaction, but cannot use these funds until this date
Reserve: set a fixed or variable minimum amount to keep on your merchants' payment account
Payout frequency: control the payouts' frequency to your merchants' bank accounts

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about CentralPay payment account

The payment wallet allows collecting funds in foreign currency, from all channels (online, SMS, email…) and payment methods (credit cards, transfers, direct debits…). It is linked to the bank account of its holder, on which payments are regularly made.

CentralPay simplifies the payment accounts opening by dematerializing the contracting and onboarding process:

  1. Create and configure restricted payment accounts for your participants
  2. Collection and verification of their compliance documents (KYC / KYB)
  3. Limits removal (collection volumes, rights, etc.)

Learn more about the KYB and KYC process >

Yes. Depending on your business model and your company structure, several payment wallets types can be created:

  • Holder's payment wallet: Dedicated to the platform's company and linked to its bank account, this wallet allows collection of funds related to its services (commissions, service fees, etc.)
  • Third party payment wallets: Dedicated to the platform's users, they are limited to the strict receipt of funds transfers initiated by the platform having onboarded them. These wallets can be used by various entities types:
    • Companies
    • Autoentrepreneurs
    • Individuals

Yes, payment wallets can be closed. In accordance with the GDPR regulations, CentralPay is obliged to keep the data relating to these accounts for a certain period of time, before destroying them.