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Offer your customers the payment facilities they prefer

The payments sector is constantly evolving, with the ongoing influence of technological innovations and consumer habits. E-commerce in all its forms goes hand in hand with the emergence of new, dedicated and adapted digital payment methods.

Payment methods: a loyalty-building challenge

In fact, this notion of “adaptability” is at the heart of these developments. For companies to survive, it is essential to adapt to their sector and to their customers, who are increasingly demanding this type of payment.

Financial institutions and payment service providers such as CentralPay have understood this challenge, and have developed new online payment methods that simplify and streamline the purchasing process without compromising security.

1-click payment

Simplify payments for your loyal customers. With 1-click payment, you no longer need to enter your bank details for each transaction. These details are stored in your customer account and can be pre-registered for future purchases.

Reduce the risk of shopping cart abandonment and boost your conversion rate. 1-click payment reduces the time it takes to make a purchase, which is often too long and leads to abandonment. The smoother and shorter your user path, the more likely your visitors will reach the checkout stage.

Ideal for your loyal customers, 1-click payment also facilitates the sale of additional products and the rapid purchase of small amounts. This is called 1-click upsale.

Payment in X number of instalments

Previously reserved mainly for very large amounts. Fractional payments are increasingly popular with consumers, even for everyday purchases.

Expand your range of services and offer your customers easy payment options with instalments. While retaining the option of invoicing this service or not.

Offering your customers the option of paying in instalments not only benefits them by increasing their purchasing power, but also you :

  • Increase your average shopping basket : your customers will find it easier to purchase expensive goods or services.
  • Build customer loyalty : a broader range of payment services will set you apart from the competition.
  • Increase your conversion rate : payment in instalments helps consumers make purchasing decisions
  • Reduce the risk of non-payment : by splitting up the payment, the amounts taken will be smaller and you will therefore have less risk of being refused payment.

Paying in instalments also enables you to manage your instalment requests more effectively. For example, in the case of a product order, debit the 25% deposit immediately, and when the customer receives the product, automatically collect the remaining 75%.

Subscription-based payment

Subscription-based payment is becoming more and more commonplace in consumer habits, and is no longer the exclusive preserve of certain business sectors. However, not all shops will offer it, because it corresponds to a need in the context of an activity or a good or service sold.

The subscription service lets you easily manage your recurring payments. At the same time, you have the option of modifying them, for example : purchase of an additional option by the customer, overrun of a package by a telephone operator, etc.

Beyond this ease of processing recurring payments, subscription offers other advantages : build customer loyalty and optimize your cash flow by switching from a one-off to a recurring source of income.

PLBS & Caution payment

The PLBS bond (Paiement pour la Location de Biens et Services – Payment for Rental of Goods and Services) is aimed at a specific business sector: rental of accommodation (Airbnb), vehicles (Rent a Car), heavy equipment (Kiloutou), etc.

Previously, cheques were the preferred form of deposit. However, the risk of bounced checks was very high.

With the digitalized PLBS bonding system, you can be sure of a customer’s creditworthiness, and no longer have to worry about rejected payments. Send pre-authorization links to block funds on your customer’s bank card. The sum is locked in for a maximum of 30 days. You can then choose to release the entire deposit, or to cash it in partially or completely.

Multi-participant payment

When it comes to payment, you’ve probably already heard your customers asking who pays and who pays back. But this system is sometimes a source of headaches for your customers. With multi-participant payment, we offer you an additional payment service and a solution for your customers. For you, nothing changes, but for them it changes everything.

Upon payment, each participant receives a request for payment by e-mail. You define the link’s validity period. Payment is only validated if the full amount has been paid by the end of the defined period.

In this way, you can adapt to new consumer families and optimize your customer service.

Multi-media payment

Offer your customers different payment methods and increase your conversion rate.

Multi-support payment allows you to combine credit card, vacation vouchers, cashback, etc. for a single payment . You’ll no longer miss out on a sale because of a card limit, and you’ll also stand out from the competition by offering an additional payment service. Real added value for your customers.

The payment landscape has evolved considerably to keep pace with current consumer trends. Accessible via payment links or payment forms on websites, they meet the needs of a particular sector. Your business will determine the payment methods you need to offer your customers.

Would you like to find out which payment methods are best suited to your business ? Contact our team.