Improve companies competitiveness with a payment collection solution

European companies are unifying their credit management, automating invoice collection and accepting online payments with CentralPay collection services.

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Automated collection process

Discover how our modules help companies automate their payment collection processes

Unified Account

A unified collection account for automated reconciliation of all credit card payments, bank transfers and SEPA direct debits, from all sales channels.

To unify credit management.

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Smart Collection

A hosted payment page to optimize your online checkout and automate your payment collection process, without any technical effort.

To optimize the customer's payment experience.

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Customer invoices collection

Managing customer invoices collection is complex due to the lack of traceability of bank transfers. Company finance and accounting teams often does account check and bank reconciliation by hand. With CentralPay invoice collection solution, their software and information systems are notified in real time of all incoming payments and automatically link them to the correct invoices.

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Debt collection

Debt collection is a process directly linked to the debtor's status and actions. Unified payments and automated notifications offered by CentralPay collection solution enable debt collection professionals to improve their debtor experience while optimizing their competitiveness.

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The performance of an ecommerce site is directly linked to the quality of its customer journey. The optimization of the online payment process, acceptance of multiple payment methods and unification of payment channels are major challenges to reach the best conversion rate.

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about our payment collection solution

This solution is available to all entities registered in Europe: companies, collection agencies, associations, business software publishers, stores, e-commerce sites…
Our payment forms can be integrated into your website, but can also be sent to your customers as a link by email, cell phone or QR Code.

Each use case illustrates the CentralPay collection solution in a specific context:

  • You're a B2B company: the invoice collection use case describes how CentralPay facilitates the processing of your customer payments, particularly by bank transfer (account check, reconciliation, notifications to your ERP).
  • You're a debt collection professional: the debt collection use case shows how to unify and automate your amicable debt collection, and how CentralPay's solution secures your system.
  • You're an online retailer: the online payment use case shows how to offer your customers a high-performance, easy-to-use omnichannel payment experience.

You receive and view your funds in real time on your CentralPay account. Funds are then transferred to your main bank account according to your needs: daily, weekly, monthly.