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Marketplace, financial platform or retail network, discover how CentralPay simplifies payment transfers to your participants.

encaissement pour compte de tiers sur une plateforme : paiement et répartition des flux

Use cases

The solution to transfer payments

Find out how different platforms transfer payments with CentralPay

solution transferts de paiements : équipe qui travaille au développement d'une marketplace

B2B, B2C, C2C marketplaces

The marketplaces' business model subjects them to many regulatory and financial constraints. Operates third party payments, obtaining regulated PSP agent status, accepting various payment methods and processing merchant transfers are all major challenges for these players.

With CentralPay, marketplaces benefit from a payment platform developed specifically to meet these challenges, and secure their chances of success on the European market.

solution transferts de paiements : femme qui travaille au développement d'une plateforme financière

Crowdfunding and financial platform

European Crowdfunding Service Provider (ECSP) and Investment Services Providers (ISP) operate in a highly regulated environment. In the context of financing projects, they must use a PSP to hold funds, ensure the operations vigilance and manage the incoming-outgoing flows.

In addition to handling these issues, the CentralPay platform payment solution automates the share collection and the beneficiaries' identification, simplifying the back-office tasks of financial platforms.

solution de paiement : transaction sur un TPE physique par carte bancaire dans un magasin

Retailer networks

When sharing prepaid values, networks of independent retailers, franchisees and mixed networks are subject to various regulations. This is particularly true for cashback programs and single or multi-brand gift cards.

With the CentralPay solution, each member and each prepaid support is associated with an account, enabling real-time clearing and traceability.

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Frequently asked questions

How to transfer payment with CentralPay

This solution is accessible to all platforms registered in the European Economic Area: SaaS platforms, marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, investment platform, etc.


The merchants and customers of our platforms can be located all over the world.

Each use case illustrates the CentralPay transfer solution in a specific context:

  • The "B2B, B2C or C2C marketplaces" use case describes how CentralPay facilitates the third party payment collections and the transfer of funds to merchants.
  • The "financial platforms and crowdfunding" use case describes how to automate the collection of contributions and the identification of beneficiaries in order to simplify back-office tasks.
  • The "merchant networks" use case shows how CentralPay combines a prepaid support with an account for real-time clearing and traceability.

You receive and view your funds in real time on your CentralPay account. Funds are then transferred to your main bank account according to your needs: daily, weekly, monthly.

You receive and view your funds in real time on your CentralPay platform account. The funds are then transferred to your merchants' accounts and your fees to your commission account. Finally, a transfer is made from all CentralPay accounts to the associated bank accounts: daily or on manual request.